Lima Ohsawa’s MacRobiotic Cookbook: The Art of Just Cooking
Lima Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1981

Gandhi, the Eternal Youth
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1986

Jack & Mitie in the West
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1981

Philosophy of Oriental Medicine: Key to Your Personal Judging Ability
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1991

Macrobiotics: The Way of Healing
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1987

But I Love Fruits
Georges Ohsawa, Jacques De Langere / Paperback / Published 1984

The Unique Principle: The Philosophy of Macrobiotics
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1973

The Art of Peace: A New Translation of The Book of Judo
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1990

The Lima Ohsawa MacRobiotic Cookbook: The Art of Just Cooking
Lima Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1982

Essential Ohsawa
Georges Ohsawa / Paperback / Published 1995

Macrobiotics: An Invitation to Health and Happiness
Georges Ohsawa, Herman Aihara / Paperback / Published 1978


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“The macrobiotic way of life recommended by the ancient wise people and practiced widely for physical, mental and spiritual development consists of the following arts; the way of eating, the way of breathing, and the way of daily life. Because a human being is part of his environment, and has evolved through biological development covering more than three billion years on this planet, his physical, mental and spiritual conditions are based upon what he consumes from his natural environment and his food. The way of eating is the most essential factor for his development.”

Michio Kushi, THE BOOK OF DO-IN (ISBN 0-87040-382-6)

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